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At Kingsley & Kingsley, we understand how important wage and hour issues are to our clients. How you are being paid and treated on the job affect your happiness at work and your ability to provide for yourself and your family. We are committed to zealously advocating until we achieve results.

Employment Law Attorney — Representation In Wage, Hour And Overtime Pay Disputes

For almost two decades, our attorneys have been focused on wage and employment law disputes, advocating for clients throughout California. We understand the nuances and unique rules of various industries and know how to approach each case successfully.

unpaid wagesOur experience in wage and hour law equips us to put together creative and innovative legal solutions for our clients, tailored to their specific situation and their job. We know how to achieve advantageous settlements for our clients, even against large companies.

If you suspect that you are being paid unfairly or not receiving the benefits that you deserve, contact us today. We have successfully represented workers throughout California and are eager to help you. Call our Los Angeles law offices today at 818-990-8300 or toll free at 888-500-8469.

The firm represents workers in an extensive range of industries and employment settings in all wage and hour issues, including unpaid wages, overtime issues, work breaks, prevailing wage and misclassification.

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Our lawyers will take the time to thoroughly review your situation to determine if your employer is treating you fairly. If action is needed, we will act on your behalf, contacting your employer and moving the case forward if he or she does not amend the situation.