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Practice Areas Overview

CA prevailing wages, employment attorney At Kingsley & Kingsley, our attorneys work in a variety of practice areas throughout the state of California, with a central focus on helping the injured or mistreated individual who has suffered abuse at the hands of an employer, insurance company, or corporate entity. Our experienced trial lawyers work to level the playing field and fight for the rights of our clients, regardless of the size and power of the opposition.

Our legal counselors and trial lawyers focus primarily on the following areas of law:

Wage and Hour and Employment Law

We handle all types of wage claims including unpaid overtime, commissions, and expense reimbursements, as well as other wage and hour issues, such as meal and rest periods. In the event a claim is widespread among a group of employees, we can work to establish a representative class and serve as lead counsel in a class action lawsuit.  We are also dedicated to stopping employment discrimination, including instances of sexual harassment and abuse.
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Consumer Protection

Where a company has made a false claim or negligent misrepresentation about its products or services, or a bank has imposed excessive fees or hidden charges, we initiate class action litigation to protect the consumers harmed by these practices.
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We provide representation to a wide range of insureds who have wrongfully been denied medical or disability benefits by their insurance company.  Whether under private insurance or a group plan at work, we work to remedy instances of bad faith and ensure that insurance works the way it is supposed to. We also handle a wide variety of casualty insurance claims (homeowner’s, fire, robbery, earthquake, auto), representing insureds in cases involving bad faith, denied claims, and other coverage issues.
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Personal Injury

When a person is injured due to the negligence or wrongful acts of another, he or she is entitled to recover for the damages caused by that breach of care.  We handle complex claims involving serious injuries, including catastrophic injuries.  This can include  accidents as well as construction sites or premises liability claims.
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Seek Experienced Legal Representation

At Kingsley & Kingsley, our team of capable attorneys is ready to assist you with advice or representation in any of these areas.  To learn more about how we can help you, click here to contact the firm, or call us toll-free (888) 500-8469.