Consumer Class Actions

Consumer Class Actions

Attorneys at the California law firm of Kingsley & Kingsley take up class actions to help consumers recover for the wrongs done to them, and to force corporate giants to act responsibly toward the public.

Consumers often feel that they are at the mercy of large corporations.  Although there may be laws designed to protect the consumer, when a product fails to perform as promised, seeking and pursuing enforcement actions may seem not to be worth the trouble in relation to the amount of damage caused. Additionally, when companies are forced to remedy an individual complaint, the cost is often negligible, and there is no incentive to keep the company from repeating the same behavior with the next consumer.

In these situations, the law provides for class action lawsuits by which a large group of people who have been mistreated may be represented in one lawsuit against a company. These types of cases are usually settled for large sums by the offending company, which typically changes its behavior after the lawsuit and no longer engages in the pattern of wrongful conduct.

At Kingsley & Kingsley, we commonly bring lawsuits on behalf of consumers in cases where companies have made intentional or negligent misrepresentations about their products. For instance, a vintner may mislabel wine as coming from a more expensive grape in order to charge more. High-end software may not perform as claimed.  Banks and credit card companies may charge excessive fees or miscellaneous charges; even small overcharges can add up to millions in profits for the banking and financial industry, at the expense of the ordinary consumer.

These and other actions may violate federal laws or state laws found in California’s Business and Professions Code governing Unfair Competition or False Advertising.  Class actions may be brought in state or federal court, depending upon the law involved and the national scope of the issue.  Although these cases can be costly and time-consuming to pursue, we work on a contingency fee basis and advance the costs of the lawsuit, so as a plaintiff you only pay fees if we successfully obtain a recovery.  In addition, it is common in class actions for the court to award attorneys’ fees out of the common fund established for the people being represented, so individual plaintiffs often need not worry about seeing a case through to its conclusion.

If you feel you are being unfairly charged by a bank or credit company, or if you have been the victim of false advertising or misleading claims, contact Kingsley & Kingsley for a free consultation about the possibility of resolving your claim through a class action lawsuit.

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